Melissa Browning, Ph.D.
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Melissa Browning is a theologian, ethicist, and activist who studies congregational and community-based responses to injustice. Melissa teaches at McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University where she is the Assistant Professor of Contextual Ministry. For the past 17 years Melissa’s study and fieldwork has been tied to East Africa. Her recent book, "Risky Marriage: HIV and Intimate Relationships in Tanzania," builds on a year of fieldwork completed in Mwanza, Tanzania where women were asked to re-imagine Christian marriage as a space of safety and health for women. Melissa is also active in death penalty abolitionist work in Georgia and is an ordained Baptist minister.

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Intercultural Feminist Theologies

By on September 5, 2013

Exploring Global Feminist Theologies in a Postcolonial Space: A Learning and Research Immersion Project for Feminist Graduate Students and Post-graduates from Kenya and the US



This project brought together feminist and womanist theologians from Africa and the US in order to create intercultural-pedagogical innovations and original scholarship in theology and religious studies. Eight doctoral students from the US and Kenya gathered in Nairobi for a month long exploration of intercultural pedagogy and research in July 2009. The symposium included an interdisciplinary course on “African Feminist/Womanist Theologies” at the Maryknoll Institute of African Studies. Through modeling, mentoring and participation, this symposium sought to discover strategies for intercultural collaborative learning and to form participants’ pedagogical working skills in light of feminist/womanist and postcolonial concerns.


“The Goods and Evils of a Globalized Context: African and American Women Doing Theology,” with Susan A. Ross and Elisabeth T. Vasko, Concilium International Journal of Theology, 2009/1.


Spotlight on the Global Feminist Theologies Symposium in Nairobi, Kenya
Ethnography as Feminist Praxis, A Documentary Film


Published here at Practical Matters Journal


“Listening to Experience, Looking Towards Flourishing: Ethnography as a Global Feminist Theo/ethical Praxis,” (article & film) with Edith Chamwama, Eunice Kamaara, Sussy Gumo Kurgat, Damaris Parsitau, Emily Reimer-Barry, Elisabeth Vasko, and Jeanine Viau. Practical Matters, (, May 2010.

Click here to view the journal article at the Practical Matters website.

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Practicing Postcolonial Feminist Theology Cross-culturally: A Reflection on the Exploring Global Feminist Theologies Pedagogy Project, with Damaris Parsitau, African Association for the Study of Religions, Ile-Ife, Nigeria,  Jan. 21, 2010.

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