Risky Marriage

BOOK MANUSCRIPT Risky Marriage: HIV and Intimate Relationships in Tanzania,...
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HIV/AIDS and Christian Ethics

TEXTBOOK IN PROGRESS HIV/AIDS and Christian Ethics HIV/AIDS and Christian...
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Epistemological Privilege and Research

JOURNAL ARTICLE & FILM “Epistemological Privilege and Collaborative Research: A...
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Action Research on HIV and AIDS

JOURNAL ARTICLE “Listening to the Particular through Action Research on...
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Musa Dube’s contributions to Theo-ethics

JOURNAL ARTICLE “Hanging out a Red Ribbon: Listening to Musa...
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Adolescents and Abstinence Education_FeatureTextOvly

Adolescents and Abstinence Education

JOURNAL ARTICLE “Acting out Abstinence, Acting out Gender: Adolescent moral...
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Abstinence Education and HIV and AIDS

JOURNAL ARTICLE “HIV/AIDS Prevention and Sexed Bodies: Rethinking Abstinence in...
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Migration and the Moral Imagination_FeatureTextOvly

Migration and the Moral Imagination

JOURNAL ARTICLE “Reexamining our Words, Reimagining our Policies: Undocumented Migration,...
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Intercultural Feminist Theologies

RESEARCH PROJECT AND PUBLICATIONS Exploring Global Feminist Theologies in a...
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Street Children and Moral Agency_FeatureTextOvly

Street Children and Moral Agency

BOOK CHAPTER “Morality on the Streets: An Examination of the...
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Women and the Church_FeatureTextOvly

Women and the Church

BOOK CHAPTER "Your Daughters Shall Prophesy (As Long as They...
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Embodied Participatory Learning

RESEARCH PROJECT AND DOCUMENTARY FILM Embodied Participatory Learning: Engaging African...
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Sexuality and the Church

CONFERENCE PLENARY AND JOURNAL ARTICLE Ancient and Contemporary Voices: What...
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